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Book an engaging, personable and passionate speaker who gives practical, real-world application methods to enhance your audience’s personal brand and style.

Speaking topic : Personal branding & Style (in English or in French)

Own the room: 3 secrets to an instant impact (on stage) with a signature style that screams success.

What if you could dress in a way that make you look great, credible and inspire your audience so much that your ideal clients would want to buy from you?

During this powerful, inspirational and practical presentation, I’ll share the 3 secrets that has helped my international clients be more noticeable, get more leads and clients and make more money.

Your audience will discover:

How working on their first impressions can transform the way they communicate and connect with others,

How to dress with a message and project yourself as an Expert,

How to project an effective impression onto their audience.

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Isaüra Tsama is a consummate professional as a speaker (in multiple languages) as a well as a content expert.

Known for her expertise as a Personal Branding Stylist, she has a unique way of engaging an audience with elegance and grace. She imparts truly effective tools to help her audience members develop a style that screams success.

Isaüra was chosen to be a Member of Engaging Speakers Mentoring Team, so our Members can benefit from her ability to help them define their unique, personal style, which is a key component to their success on stage and off stage.

I highly recommend that you secure Isaüra Tsama as a speaker for your next conference or event! – Gail Brown, Founder of Engaging Speakers (Chicago, USA)

If you want to book me as Speaker for your upcoming event, please reach out to me through my Contact page or write me an email at isaura@thatsintrinsic.com with the following information

Name of your organization, event date & location, number of attendees, desired presentation length, any additional information.

Looking forward to collaborating with you!