I used to spend a lot of money in clothes I only wore once and even though my closet was packed, I always felt like I never had anything to wear to go to a business event or to speak from stage. Working with Isaüra made me realize that almost all of the clothes I was buying were wrong for me and that it was costing me a fortune. Now I don’t have to worry about what to wear, Isaüra does it all for me, packing for business trips is all done for me in advance so I can focus on the business not on what goes in my suitcase, this has saved me so much time, energy and money.  I’m way more confident now in how I look. When I am at a business, people always comment on my style, it works brilliantly for my brand. It definitely helps me get more ideal clients. I am loving it!

Moira Ní Ghallachóir, International Business Coach & Speaker, Donegal, Ireland

Moira Ní Ghallachóir, International Business Coach & Speaker

I used to struggle with self-confidence and representing who I was from the inside to the outside because of my weight. Isaüra made me realize that I didn’t have to wear baggy loose fitting clothes to cover my weight and now, with the type of clothes that work best for my body, I am now much more confident when I walk out the door or on stage. I am noticed when I walk in the room and complimented about my overall style and look, I project more confidence and speak with more authority and conviction.  I look and feel so much better about me. I’m sassy at 66!

Gladys Agwai
International Leadership and Career Transition Coach & Speaker, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
International Leadership and Career Transition Coach & Speaker

Over the last few years I have found myself in a space where I have been told what to wear by different people and I always felt that the clothes that I wore were not good enough. I felt that I needed to change the way I was perceived by others.It was with this perception that I approached Isaüra. I had a very different view of what professionalism was and how to dress. After working with Isaüra, I was surprised on how I was able to find clothes that not only made me feel authentically me, but also represented the real me. Now, after working together there is a sense of clarity and calmness. I am no longer stressed about what to wear at an event, as I know exactly what my style is and how to accentuate who I authentically am in a way that is professional. Thank you Isaüra for accentuating my truth!

Connie-Lee Bennett
Holistic Therapist, International Speaker & Director of Global Woman Club France, Paris, France
Connie-Lee Bennett
Holistic Therapist, International Speaker & Director of Global Woman Club France

Je n’arrivais pas à définir mon style vestimentaire et ne mesurais pas l’impact de l’image que je renvoyais aux autres. Avec l’aide d’Isaüra, j’ai peu à peu compris qu’une image se construit et n’est pas le fruit du hasard. Définir mon style vestimentaire m’a permis de créer une image qui m’est fidèle, je me reconnais en elle. Composer une tenue avec les bonnes formes de vêtements, les bonnes couleurs et les bons accessoires n’est dorénavant plus un mystère. Aujourd’hui, je peux capitaliser sur mes atouts !

Laure Mantel, Cadre dans le secteur bancaire, Neuilly-sur-Seine, France

Before working with Isaüra, I struggled with knowing what clothes would be most flattering on my body shape. I rarely got compliments on what I was wearing. She helped me identify a style that really reflects my business and my personality. I now feel like my style reflects my brand and actually attracts even more clients to want to work with me. Thank you Isaüra for your talent and expertise. I am so thankful to be working with you!

Jen Coffel
6 Figure Business Coach, International Speaker & Best Selling Author, Chicago, Illinois, USA
Jen Coffel
6 Figure Business Coach, International Speaker & Best Selling Author

 I loved it. I honestly feel I gained insight that will change the way I dress and the clothes I buy for the rest of my live. Highly recommend if you are wanting to learn what clothes are right, and wrong, for you! 

Lindsey G. Linchburg, Virginia, USA

Really enriching experience. Isaura is a most charming professional person who would offer guidance for all sort of issues related to your personal style. Give it a try! 

Mzia Y., Geneva, Switzerland

I can’t wait to apply all the amazing tidbits that Isaüra shared with me! She personalized her presentation to suit the needs of the guests and I feel like we all learned from each other! If you are on the fence- DO IT.

Tracy S., Chicago, Illinois, USA

The experience was exceptional and I have gotten great value out of it. Isaura took the time to really understand each of our current fashion styles and what our goals are. She gave as information for us to reach our own conclusions, and not just throwing us dos and donts, which made the information stick much better. I now understand my body better and have a much clearer direction for choosing pieces that suit me. Highly recommend!!

Joyce S, Hong Kong

Expérience incroyable. Je n ai pas vu le temps passer tant Isaüra maîtrise son sujet et sait vous mettre à l aise. J ai mis en pratique ses conseils dès le lendemain et les retours de mon entourage sont déjà très positifs. Merci Isaüra. Je recommande vraiment, allez y les yeux fermés, vous apprendrez beaucoup.

Sandra S., Pessac, France

Isaüra may have given us the tools to change our lives! We had an eye-opening experience on how the subtle details of clothing, colors, and accessories can change how one perceives appearance. Immensely helpful that all this was tailored to each of our individual body shapes and facial features, which Isaüra helped us identify on our own. She created a safe and encouraging atmosphere for all of us to share our insecurities with our physical features. We all felt encouraged to optimistically brainstorm and contribute on each other’s insights and recommendations. Along with that, in her reassuring manner, Isaüra made us feel there was nothing to feel shameful about: whether bodily features, lack of fashion sense, or the act of simply placing value how we present ourselves to the people around us.

Lisa M., Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Absolutely extraordinary and unique experience. I am very glad I went to see Isaüra and I would that recommend anyone who is even remotely interested in trying a similar experience to go see her as well. The session is very personalized and you do get the valuable fashion tips but it is also about teaching you to develop an eye for what to look for when shopping and dressing yourself. What you learn can apply to any brand and any style, and Isaüra encourages you to express yourself through a fashionable look, not just to dress fashionably. The session is honestly just too special to summarize in a review, so you’re better off booking and trying it yourself!

Dayna M., Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Such an amazing experience! The few hours I spent with Isaüra were fun and I came away with a completely different understanding of what styles suit me than when I came in. I left knowing what colors are best for my skin tone and the types of clothes and accessories I should buy to highlight my body shape. Highly recommend!

Kate M., New York, USA

It was a super awesome experience. Isaüra is a very professional , knowledgeable, friendly , smart and experienced stylist. She helped me understand more about myself through the morphological and body shape analysis. She also step by step explained all the details systemically. Overall it was an very enjoyable experience!

Ernestina L., Wroclaw, Poland

This is an absolute must do experience and I can’t recommend it enough. It was such an amazing and valuable experience for me. Isaüra has an incredible amount of knowledge and shred this and her passion in such a welcoming lovely way. I have learnt soooo much from this experience and am really looking forward to putting this into practice with how I dress and accentuate my body. Thank you Isaüra!

Lisa P., Paris, France

Isaüra est une professionnelle qui maitrise son sujet, qui m’a vraiment aidée à comprendre des techniques simples et efficaces pour choisir des vêtements adaptés.

Céline C., Paris, France

Super expérience! Isaüra est professionnelle, accueillante, et vraiment sympathique. On se sent tout de suite à l’aise avec elle. On apprend des choses sur soi même avec quelqu’un qui est passionnée par son boulot et qui veut voir ses clients heureuses et en confiance! Je recommande fortement cette expérience, entre filles, toute seule, en couple, n’importe! On peut tous profiter des connaissances d’Isaüra! Un bon moment passé ensemble!

Claire Q., Pau, France

I had a wonderful time, Isaüra was lovely and because of her I look different to clothes. I am not looking for just beautiful clothes, I am now looking for clothes that make me look beautiful.

Brigitte S., Rotterdam, Netherlands

What a wonderful experience. I fully enjoyed my time with Isaura. No matter what size or age you are it is fully individual. Isaura is a pro. Merci bien!

Martina K., Germany

J’ai eu le privilège de passer quelques heures en tête à tête avec Isaüra et j’ai passé un excellent moment. Cette expérience, en plus d’avoir été très instructive, a été plus qu’agréable. Je savais que j’allais en ressortir grandie, que mes croyances soient confirmées ou au contraire détruites, et ça n’a pas raté. Isaüra est très accueillante et sympathique, elle prend en compte les habitudes et les goûts de chacun pour des conseils sur mesure. Maintenant que je connais les clés afin de me mettre en valeur au quotidien à moi de me mettre au travail, et je la recontacterai avec plaisir pour continuer le travail à distance.

Lucie G., Luxembourg

Great experience! Anyone who hasn’t done that before should do it ! At least once! You’ll end up knowing more about yourself and more sure about what to buy!

Susan S., Hong Kong

Isaüra est une hôte très professionnelle, patiente et rassurante. J’ai passé un excellent moment en sa compagnie, j’ai appris plein de chose et je recommande vivement cette expérience!

Marion Z., Bourg-la-Reine, France

Isaüra est extrêmement compétente, ouverte, chaleureuse. Ses conseils des plus pertinents sont adaptés aux besoins et goûts de chacune, elle suggère en tout respect de ce qu’on est déjà. J’ai trouvé réponse à bien des questions grâce à elle et je regrette de ne pas l’avoir rencontrée plus tôt, j’aurais évité bien des faux pas et il y aurait nettement moins de vêtements jamais portés dans mon placard! Elle transmet son savoir avec finesse et passion et nous avons beaucoup appris au cours de cette matinée passée en sa compagnie. Isaüra est une fée qui donne confiance. Je recommande très vivement son travail.

Marty L., Quebec, Canada

I was a bit nervous before I met Isaüra. I wasn’t sure what to expect. I needn’t have been worried. Isaüra is very warm and she knows her stuff! I felt welcome immediately. The advice she gave was enlightening ! I know now what style and colors suit, I don’t feel so daunted at the prospect of buying clothes and choosing hairstyles. Thanks Isaüra 🙂

Callie H., Hamilton, New Zealand

Very informative and lots of fun! Isaüra is lovely and very professional. I learnt so much and am so glad to have participated. Highly recommend!

Katie N., Hong Kong

Isaüra is an outstanding teacher who is passionate and knowledgeable about personal style. I learned so much that I wished I had learned years ago. It would have saved me all those wardrobe mistakes! I am looking forward to putting my new knowledge into practice. Merci Isaüra!

Liz M., Elwood, Australia

A highly recommended experience, fun and informative! Isaüra is very kind and professional, and provides plenty of useful advice. I wish I had taken this workshop earlier in my life! Thank you Isaüra!

Agnieszka W., Paris, France

I had an amazing experience! I learned so much about my body type along with what colors and shapes suit me the best. I am more confident in myself and in what I wear.

Kayayetta D., Washington, USA

Isaüra was very well organized and the environment was elegant and comfortable. She brings her know-how from a career in the fashion industry into tangible lessons for the non-models. I now have a clear understanding of my body and face shape, strengths in colors, and can confidently dress and style myself. She also has an impressive canon of Parisian stores to share so you can put your new knowledge right to use.

Wesley M., New York, USA

What a great experience! I was left with so much actionable information. My eyes were also trained to look for when things worked or didn’t.

Alex R., Encinitas, California, USA

Isaüra was absolutely lovely and I came away more informed about my figure, face shape, best style choices based on my shape and what color palettes flatter me. her insight will now help me make better pattern choices and fabric matches when I see for myself. If you want to save money on fashion and just know what works better for your figure, you will not be disappointed in this class. Highly recommended!

Lee Ann F., Roosevelt, Utah, USA

Une grand merci Isaüra pour votre professionnalisme, votre gentillesse et votre empathie. Je repars avec de précieux conseils mais surtout grâce à vous j’ai les outils (et ils sont nombreux) pour enfin réussir à trouver mon style et trouver les pièces vestimentaires qui pourront me mettre en valeur. Une séance tout en simplicité , convivialité et bienveillance et des participantes au top. Un grand merci pour votre générosité et votre talent à savoir donner les clés pour mieux se connaître …. une vraie super expérience . Encore merci pour tout !

Agnès P., Vincennes, France

We had a great time! This was a great experience— Isaüra was very personable, and knowledgeable. Both my friend and I learned a couple new tips on how to best dress for our body types!

Jessie S., Mont Vernont, Washington, USA

What a great experience! Isaüra takes you step by step through every element of your body type and why certain styles will flatter your body and others won’t. She then does the same with colors. What I found particularly effective was how you work through the analysis with her, rather than her just telling you her conclusions. It really makes the session stick. I am now reassessing a whole bunch of styles that I thought were “don’t”s for me, as well as colors! Money well spent!

Sarah P., San Francisco, California, USA

Cette experience était marquante. Repartie avec plus de connaissances sur ma morphologie et colorimétrie, Isaüra saura très bien vous écouter et guider. Je pensais déjà bien me connaître mais on y apprends tous les jours. Foncez la voir!

Jessica U., Paris, France

Investing time in this experience with Isaüra was totally worth it. There were some ‘aha’ moments of discoveries and realizations and also helpful to have her expertise validate some stuff. She is friendly and very professional. If you are looking for inputs on all this – look no further !

Saranga K., Geneva, Switzerland

It was such a pleasure to meet Isaüra and to get such great fashion advice from her, particularly insights I would never have had about my body shape and clothes that would suit me. I highly recommend her and would love to go back to Paris to go clothes shopping with her!

Helen C., Dublin, Ireland

5 étoiles faciles, je recommande fortement, super expérience enrichissante !! J’ai passé un très bon moment. Isaüra a instauré dès le début une ambiance joyeuse et conviviale. Le déroulement de l’atelier est structuré de sorte que tout s’enchaîne facilement : les grands thèmes sont présentés (morphologie, type de vêtements, accessoires, couleurs, etc.) ; et pour chaque thème, chacune passe à son tour pour des conseils précis et individuels. Isaüra est généreuse en conseils et nous les a partagé avec bienveillance et savoir-faire. Je ressors de cette expérience avec un heureux souvenir des personnes rencontrées et des conseils très utiles pour affiner ma garde-robe !

Juliette C., Louveciennes, France

Isaüra is absolutely amazing! She’s incredibly knowledgeable, kind, and very thorough. She took her time and explained every detail on personal style – all the while promoting healthy body image. Well worth the time and investment.

Venessa H., Colombus, Ohio, USA

If you are reading this and wondering- should I do this? The answer is YES you should!!! It was truly eye opening and was incredibly valuable for me – I learned so much about myself! This is not about buying anew clothes but using this knowledge to make you more stylish with what you have. This is about being the best you can be and having self confidence about the way you look. This was maybe the best self-care thing I have done for myself in 20 years. You can read about fashion in a book but if you don’t understand your body/ face/ color type it really means nothing.

Allison M., Mc Lean, Virginia, USA

I’m one of those people who could never quite buy the right clothes; now I’m looking forward to a new wardrobe and looking a whole lot more “put together”. I’m 62 and I wish I had found Isaüra many years ago – but it’s never too late! Isaüra is a complete professional, using both her training and natural ‘eye’ to show you what will work best for you.

Nicola R., Portland, Victoria, Australia

Isaüra is amazing! I wish I’d done this 10 years ago! I’m turning 30 so I wanted to improve my personal style a bit and Isaüra’s services looked perfect. She does a fabulous job and was able to give me reasons for the many things I knew didn’t look quite right on me but I didn’t know why, and why my skin tone can look sallow in some clothes. I realized I’ve been buying the wrong colors for my skin tone for my whole life! Isaüra gives you excellent knowledge on how to sort through clothes to more easily find pieces that you know will look good on you and that you’ll enjoy wearing.

Emily J., Denver, Colorado, USA

FABULOUS! I learned way more than I expected and it’s very practical information I can put into practice. Isaüra is lovely, knowledgeable, funny, kind and most of all a true professional.

Malikkah R., Washington, USA

Very inspiring and thorough. Isaüra made sure helped me determine my personal style and made detailed suggestions for the types of clothes that would flatter me. I highly recommend having a consult with Isaüra!

Tuyen L., Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

I am so happy that I did it! Isaüra was very helpful and provided specifics on what works for my body type and helped me understand how I can implement styles outside of my comfort zone. I thought my physique and face shape were different shapes for my whole life and she showed me how they really are. This is an invaluable instruction and I strongly recommend booking Isaüra to anyone as I believe she can only enhance how you view yourself and what works for you. A constructive objective viewpoint. Thank you!!

Kimberly H., Yorba Linda, California, USA

Super helpful to have someone explain the rationale behind choosing clothes and colors, in a really clear way and useful for me. Very professional and loads of extra tips as well. Thank you Isaüra!

Katharine S., London, United Kingdom

I had thought I knew my personal style. Turns out I had a lot still yet to learn! Isaüra took me through an almost-scientific analysis of body shape, colors and clothing styles that would flatter. Quite an eye-opener. Isaüra was very trendy and personable and it made the whole experience quite entertaining and enjoyable. Highly recommended.

Louisa H., Hong Kong