Parisian Personal branding Stylist for Women Who Speak, Lead and Inspire

When you work with me, I help you stand out on stage with a signature style that screams success! You will make an instant impact, get more clients and make more money.

I am Isaüra, an international Personal Branding Stylist & Speaker, from Paris, France. I specialize in working virtually with successful female entrepreneurs, executive women and speakers who struggle finding clothes that match their audience and personal brand.

I have helped hundreds of women who speak, lead and inspire from all over the world to develop and own their signature style. My passion is to work closely with each of my clients to create a style strategy that will give them a competitive edge in their career. When you work with me, I help you project yourself in a way that truly represents your personality, your expertise and says something about you that’s unique so that you get noticed by your ideal clients.


What You Wear is an Investment to Represent Your Brand

If you think your image doesn’t make a difference, that’s not true! You are what you wear – your reputation is partly defined from how you show up in front of potential clients. The first impression your audience gets from you, whether on stage, social media, videos or photos, is from what you wear.

What if you could dress in a way that makes you look amazing, credible and inspires your audience so much that your ideal clients want to buy from you even before hearing your message?

Your personal style is an essential part of your branding. When you want to project yourself as an expert but neglect your outer appearance, you actually come across as unprofessional and people may question your competence and credibility. Do you feel that your ability to communicate your outer brand is as effective as you would like? If the answer is “not really”, I can help you.

When It Comes to Style, You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

Before working with me, 100% of my clients felt really frustrated because they did not know how to dress. Most people know that looking professional is important but nobody teaches you how. It is tough to figure out such things on your own!

This is where having the help of a personal branding stylist really comes in handy. My expertise in fit, color, style and strategic outfitting combines the professional image you want to portray with your career goals.

I will help you save time and money  so that the clothes you buy fit your body type and your brand. Together, we will create a signature style that is in alignment with your area of expertise so that you can build trust with your ideal clients. 

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Want to upgrade your personal style?

The investment to work with Isaüra is worth every penny!

Before working with Isaüra, I struggled with knowing what clothes would be most flattering on my body shape. I rarely got compliments on what I was wearing. 

Isaüra helped me identify a style that really reflects my business and my personality. She taught me what colors would be most flattering and specifically what style of clothing flatters my body shape. I had no idea there was so much science to fashion such as the shape of my glasses, the style and size of my jewelry, to the height and width of my heals and the length of my sleeves to just name a few. I never really paid attention to these things but these are many of the things I now pay attention to.

The investment to work with Isaüra is worth every penny! She helped me declutter my closet and taught me how to be put outfits together creatively that cause people to take notice. 
Whenever I wear something Isaüra chose for me, I get compliments. I am excited to be on my way to being able to walk in my closet and feel that everything in there is a 10.

I already see the impact that the style she is helping me create is having on my business and when I speak. I now feel like my style reflects my brand and actually attracts even more clients to want to work with me.

Thank you Isaüra for your talent and expertise. I am so thankful to be working with you!

Jen Coffel, 6 Figure Business Coach – International Speaker & Best Selling Author